Festival Information

In order to ensure a good festival for everyone there are certain guidelines that should be followed, therefore ensuring a relaxed atmosphere throughout the weekend.

  • DOGS: Dogs are allowed at the camping jam. Just make sure your dog behaves nicely and stays near you. Remember to pick up after your dog!
  • ALCOHOL / SMOKING: No alcohol will be aloud in public area. No smoking in jamming area. Please be polite and act responsibly!
  • TENT CAMPING: There are tent camping spaces without hookups of course. Remember no running water and we will have porta potties.
  • RV CAMPING: We have had all size RV's at the camping jam so come on in..... Sorry NO reservations.
  • SHOWERS: NO showers available...no water on site bring what you need.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: The terrain is not even but it is doable and we welcome those with disabilities who fill comfortable in the outdoor mountain setting.
  • CHILDREN: Children are welcome but monitoring is the sole responsibility of parents and guardians. Be polite and aware of your children.
Don't Forget to Bring:

  • Blanket or Tarp, Rain Gear, Sunscreen, Insect repellent, & Shades
  • Hat, comfortable shoes, long pants, short pants, jacket. Warm clothes (nights can get cool)
  • Concert Chair or Lawn Chair
  • Acoustic instruments for campsite jams